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Written by Bernard Malamud, “The Natural” title does place a key meaning to the term, “the natural” as it is an inspiring baseball story that places a good read. The author discusses several character traits as well as interesting characters that are found in real life. Therefore, “The Natural” represents its meaning in such a way that it portrays the natural real life characters of America. Furthermore, “The Natural” by Bernard Malamud is a work different from the rest of the literature he has written. “The Natural” is a title that portrays “the natural” baseball craze of Americans; this is something that is very “natural” in this literature because the game of baseball places a “natural” exciting feeling within the American public. The craze of the game is absolutely “natural” and therefore, the author reflects many characteristics and story plots throughout the novel. Therefore, this can be one of the reasons why the title term, “The Natural” would place the same meaning as, “the natural. ” After reading through Bernard Malamud’s novel, “The Natural,” I also felt that there were mixed natural feelings of loss and victory associated with the natural life pattern. Malamud highlights on natural traits of man’s emotions throughout the novel where we experience heightened love, sense of victory as well as loss. The beginning of the novel is strange but the story slowly picks up after a span of 15 years where we see the coaches desperately trying to win the baseball game slot. At this particular stance, we sense the “naturalness” displayed in the story by the author when Roy takes a straight hit at his first ball throw that makes Roy seem very “natural” at his game. By “natural” here, we mean Roy’s fluent attempt at his game that makes him the hero of the novel. Though the psychiatrist tries to messes with his mind, a “natural” instinct is always followed by a sense that shows familiarity as well as fluency with the task that Roy is trying to accomplish. Roy is not a trained baseball player and that is the reason why we would state that Roy’s “naturalness” in his game is an attribute he has from within. The title, “The Natural” can also be related to love or infatuation that Roy develops for Memo Paris since his arrival at Knights. Love or infatuation is truly a “natural” feeling and again, the author maintains the theme of his title that precisely corresponds to the story he is narrating to his audience. Apart from the natural skill of Roy that Bernard Malamud displays in his character, we also come across the natural feeling of love in the story. “The Natural” truly places an emphasis on its title and the Bernard Malamud knows his choice of the title. “The Natural” not only displays the realistic aspects of feelings but also skills that the character in the novel is fluent in. “The Natural” as stated earlier, also displays several characters that show a natural resemblance to real life characters. It is evident to come across beautiful and wicked women in real life and thus, what we read in “The Natural” too relates to the natural life. Bernard Malamud discusses the several factors that are associated with the natural aspects of one’s life by narrating Roy’s story. Bernard has been extremely entertaining in providing a perfect baseball story that is of “natural” interest for its readers and the readers comprise of millions of American baseball fans due to the fact that American baseball is the national sport of the country. We further witness how Bernard Malamud tackles the several issues of Roy’s life naturally where victory is definitely a part of one picture and another picture that Malamud represents at the end of the story is the loss. “Nature” or “Natural” has different meanings, of which Bernard Malamud has attempted to cover most of the meanings that have been portrayed in the story. Mostly, it is the realism stance of the story that counts in the Bernard Malamud’s narration. The stance of growth and advancement, as in real life, is another sign of “naturalness” in Bernard Malamud’s text, “The Natural. ” The real “natural” life also accounts for the good and the bad. We witnessed characters that came from good backgrounds as well as bad backgrounds. Therefore, the realistic “naturalism” in the novel plays a vital role in giving an insight into the title; that is “The Natural. ” Overall, the themes that can be found in “The Natural” placed a natural feeling in the heart of the readers. We saw how victory takes place and how the character in the story, Roy faces defeat as well. We also come across the sense of greed that leads Roy to accepting the bribe that made his team lose. The story serves as a valuable lesson for the readers to take the actions and consequences act into account as for every action, there is a consequence. If the action is good, the consequence is good and if the action is bad, the consequence will also be the same. With regards to the title of the novel, “The Natural”, I agree with it due to its coinciding incidences with the realism of life. The author successfully draws a sense of naturalness in the entire novel thereby making the title, the perfect match for it. Including the themes of love and infatuation, Bernard Malamud completes his story by highlighting on every aspect of human emotions. Bernard Malamud’s style of presenting the story in a realistic manner pertaining to the game of baseball as well as several characters draws a tremendous interest for the readers to look into the realistic factual characters presented by him in the novel. “The Natural” is a perfect title that applauds victory and sheds light on failure; love and infatuation; the good and the bad as well as choices. This characteristic feature of the novel makes it distinct and unique, the themes of which are truly “natural” in every sense… LESSON 2: TROY AND ROY COMPARISON Troy and Roy are characters that are similar as well as differ from each other in many ways. Roy had clearly been an achiever in his life, till the “almost” end. In case of Troy, we don’t see that coming in his life except before he was jailed. Instead, Troy’s life revolves much around his own family and his own past and his own emotional drama. Roy had his love and his piece of infatuation, victory, failure as well as growth throughout the story. We see the same happening in Troy’s case but with a much different note. The only similarity I found through both the characters was their aim to become a baseball player of which, Roy had achieved a permanent status of a “natural” baseball player while Troy had given up on baseball based on his age. However, in Troy’s case, we didn’t see this aim in his life. Yes- he wanted to become a baseball player, he became the best baseball player but never returned back. He lost the opportunity when he was provided with one. Roy, however, is wise while making his decisions though at the end of the story, he too loses himself towards greed. That is another part of the story. I agree that both the characters have faced setbacks and triumphs in their own way in their respective stories but they cannot be stated as the “black and white” versions of the same kind of American male. Troy is more of a confused personality who loses opportunities while Roy is an achiever and the only moment he failed was when he was presented a lofty sum by Judge to lose essay writing discount the game or else, it was clear that Roy would have had led Knights to the path of victory. Troy revolves much around his personal life where he is involved with his sons, Cory and Lyons with his wife Rose and his girlfriend, Alberta. His brother Gabriel has a small role to play but Troy’s feelings towards his brother Gabriel where he holds himself responsible for his misfortunes shows Troy’s naive attitude towards understanding issues. Unlike Roy (whose game and success came naturally to him), Troy has an abusive childhood who was abused by his father. Eventually, the same influence and history was repeated by Troy on his other two sons. There is no change of heart throughout the story. We also sense that though there is a considerable time lapse between the lives of Troy and Roy, age didn’t deter Roy from playing baseball again while Troy easily gave up his game. The other similarity that I can state in both the characters is the sense of moral weakness. Troy and Roy are morally weak. Troy cheated on his wife by involving himself with another woman while Roy gives himself in to the bribe by the Judge. Roy’s character is exhibited less emotionally except when he involved himself in love and infatuation. Troy’s character is more on an emotional stance where he has his life and feelings in dilemma since the beginning. Though, both the characters face their actions and their consequences in their own manner, both the stories end with a sad note; Roy with his failure and Troy with his death. However, Troy’s daughter, Raynell does seem like an angel in the story. Troy had imaginarily built fences around his relationships wanting to keep death away from those he loved and those he hated as well. He had built his own boundaries and thus, was an unsuccessful father and even an unsuccessful husband (as he cheats on his wife). Roy’s weakness lies mainly with money and love as he too had a poor childhood and therefore aimed to become a baseball star. Troy is a fifty-three year old man who has built imaginary fences around himself from everyone in his life, including his own wife and therefore cheated on her. Roy, on the other hand, didn’t cheat on him and thus, Troy and Roy cannot be regarded as the black and white versions of the same American protagonist displayed by the two authors. Troy and Roy are similar, but in a smaller sense with each other. They come across misfortunes and in the end, have a sad ending to their lives. Their emotional stance on the events they faced in their lives is different. In both the novel stories, we come across a time lapse that had passed between the characters. Roy, as I believe, is sincere in his motives and is only confused about certain issues in his life. Troy, on the other hand, does not understand the essence of life at all and proceeds with life as it is, without willing to make any changes. Roy, a personality mostly not guided and mistaken, is underestimated though he has had a few bad hits in the baseball game, based on the story. Troy has faced a long hurdle of hardships throughout, especially when he quit his career as a baseball player after going to the prison. We also witness discrimination, apartheid in August Wilson’s play, “Fences” where Troy is Black and is not promoted for a long time to the position of the driver based on his skin color. We come across no such issue of discrimination in Roy’s case but further, Roy’s foolishness to achieve the woman he wants. Roy is willing to do anything for her and therefore, blindly accepts what Judge offers and thus, lands in a situation where he is a loser. He could have been victorious only if he had used his senses in a stronger way while making decisions (and by not letting his emotional part overtake him). Troy, on the other hand, has his life in a completely irreversible state where Troy’s confidence is completely shattered by the term he spent in prison. Therefore, he couldn’t change what already happened in his life and therefore, didn’t have sufficient confidence to go back to his previous life. Troy and Roy both differ in a great respect but share only some similarities.


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